Homemade S'mores Popcorn Gluten Free + Dairy Free

Kick of the summer vibes with this Homemade Gluten + Dairy Free S'mores popcorn! You can make this recipe 100% vegan by using vegan marshmallows, we found some at Whole Foods Market! Some delicious Chocolate + Quinn Gluten Free Pretzels + Popcorn to give this mix the familiar graham cracker crunch. Seriously, this is so good. Tastes like summer nights in a bowl! 


What you need 👇 

Instructions 👇 

  • Pop enough popcorn to full one large bowl
  • Drop Marshmallows into bowl
  • Drop Crushed Pretzel Sticks into bowl
  • Mix those ingredients up^ 
  • Then, melt chocolate. Butter or coconut oil helps! We even used chocolate ghee.
  • Drizzle warm melted chocolate ontop of the pretzel + popcorn mixture, the key is to have the chocolate warm enough it will melt into the marshmallows!
  • Mix it all together & enjoy!