Microwave Compatibility: Some microwaves just don't get along with Quinn Popcorn. By pulling out the susceptor and associated chemicals we made our popcorn a little more sensitive to the microwave used.

Older Microwaves: If it says Radar Range then it's older than me and probably isn't a great match for Quinn. Surprisingly some do work well though!

Tiny Low Power Microwaves: Our popcorn needs a turntable and enough room to spin!
Fancy Oven Combo Microwaves: Place the bag on top of an upside down plate and voila, perfectly popping!

Tips & Tricks

  1. Stay, watch, & listen: We’ve all been there, you walk away to do something while popcorn is in the microwave and return to burnt kernels. This is super important and so easy, whatever you do, just don’t walk away from your popcorn!
  2.  The ‘Popcorn’ button is not your friend: Ahh. The good ole popcorn button. Yeah…Nope, not your friend. It has a bad habit of burning popcorn. Instead, start the microwave on high 3:00 minutes – remember, do not abandon your popcorn, stay, watch, & listen. 
  3. Do it all in one go: Good popping is all about momentum, and stopping and starting will dry out your kernels, making them unpoppable.
  4. Listen for the pops to slow: Listen carefully, when the pops slow down to 1 – 2 seconds apart  👂  that’s when you know to stop the microwave and enjoy! 🍿
  5. Upside down plate: Are your kernels not popping? This can happen, however, we found a solution that really works! Try placing the bag inside the microwave on top of an upside down plate (make sure it’s microwave safe!!). This improves popping in some microwaves, especially those fancy combination microwave/convection ovens.
  6. Make note of your strategy: Once you feel you have *perfected* your strategy, write it down for next time. We have included a handy little tab on the top of our Microwave Popcorn Boxes where you can jot down the pop time.
  7. Dud kernels are a part of life: We know it's tough, but it's way better to end popping early than to burn the whole bag!