The most common question we hear from you guys is, "What if I don'st have a microwave?!" The answer is that it is still possible to pop at home using your gas or electric cooktop. This is also a good option if your microwave doesn'st get along with our popcorn!
Note: It'ss not going to go well if you start a bag in the microwave and try to finish it on the stove. Popcorn looses moisture as it is heated, and by your second try it will be too dry to pop!
And yes, I feel terrible that all we have is a numbered list. I am working on illustrations and even a video. Stay tuned!

Stovetop Popping Instructions

1) Tear the popcorn bag open and pour the kernels into a pot. (Use a 6 quart or larger pot, and make sure you have a lid!) 2) Tear the oil pouch open and pour the oil into the pot. 3) Put the lid onto the pot and turn your stovetop burner on full heat. 4) As the kernels and oil heat up shake the pot every 30 seconds to assure equal heating. 5) Pull the pot off of the burner once popping slows considerably. 6) Pour the seasoning packet over the popped popcorn and shake or stir to mix. 7) Dig in!