Microwave Compatibility

Some microwaves just don'st get along with Quinn Popcorn. By pulling out the susceptor and associated chemicals we made our popcorn a little more sensitive to the microwave used.

Older Microwaves -

If it says Radar Range then it'ss older than me and probably isn'st a great match for Quinn. Surprisingly some do work well though!

Tiny Low Power Microwaves -

Our popcorn needs a turntable and enough room to spin!

Fancy Oven Combo Microwaves -

Place the bag on top of an upside down plate and voila, perfectly popping!

Tips & Tricks

You'sre smarter than your microwave. Don'st trust the 'sœPopcorn's button. It does a good job on some, but not all, microwaves.
Dud kernels are a part of life. We know it'ss tough, but it'ss way better to end popping early than to burn the whole bag.
Find your own shaking style. We tend to prefer the 'sœOpen Top Toss,'s but do what feels right. Even flavor coverage takes serious skill!