Quinn Snacks Announces Participation in New Regenerative Farming Commitment and Verification Program: Soil Carbon Initiative

Quinn Snacks Announces Participation in New Regenerative Farming Commitment Commitment and Verification Program to Help Push 99% of Agriculture in the Right Direction

The Soil Carbon Initiative allows Quinn to create change every step of the way

March 2023, Boulder, Co. - Quinn, a mission-driven snack company, announced its participation in the Soil Carbon Initiative (SCI), a new program from nonprofit Green America. Dedicated to the regenerative agriculture transition process, SCI incentivizes farmers to improve soil health, biodiversity, climate resiliency, and farm economics. SCI and Quinn are working together to quantify the impacts of their work with farmers transitioning to regenerative agriculture. 

Soil is the foundation of 95% of our food system. Currently, 99% of US agricultural farmland is conventional, (Source: Organic & NON-GMO Report) relying on synthetic chemical inputs which negatively impact long term soil health. Quinn is on a mission to change that by partnering directly with farmers transitioning to regenerative practices, proven to improve soil health. 

Since 2020, Quinn has worked with Nebraska sorghum grower Steve Tucker, an SCI farmer partner, as he transitions to regenerative practices. Sorghum, a nutrient-dense and inherently sustainable crop, has been a crucial ingredient for Quinn’s supply chain since the company debuted the world's first whole-grain, gluten-free pretzels in 2016.  Due to its drought tolerance, sorghum requires 30% less water than other grains, and an estimated 91% of sorghum acres are rain-fed, saving 1.5 trillion gallons of irrigation water per year (SourceUnited Sorghum Checkoff Program.  

“SCI is on the forefront of developing a system to recognize the value of a regeneratively produced product for consumers, the brands they buy from, and the farmers that produce them.” Steve Tucker, sorghum grower. 

There is room for all farmers, conventional and organic, in the regenerative agriculture movement. You don't have to be doing it perfectly to be doing it better,” said Kristy Lewis, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Quinn.  “As a food company, we have a social and ethical responsibility to continue to push against the status quo to create massive change within our food and Ag industries. Working with SCI allows us to do just that. It’s an incredibly aligned partnership.”  

“By participating in the Soil Carbon Initiative’s Go-To-Market Pilot Program, Quinn is taking forward-thinking action for people and the planet,” said Alisa Gravitz, President and CEO of Green America. “ SCI gives companies a roadmap to assess their agricultural impact, support regenerative farmers, and demonstrate real impact. Our shared vision is to revolutionize the food system.  We recognize Quinn for their unwavering leadership in creating a regenerative future that rebuilds soil health, restores the climate, and revitalizes farm and rural community prosperity.”

Lewis said, “As part of our commitment to regenerative agriculture and earning the SCI verification, Quinn is committed to removing and eliminating synthetic chemicals and pesticides from the supply chain to create healthier soils while bettering our farmers, our families, and our planet.” To learn more about the initiative visit soilcarboninitiative.org.

About QUINN:

Quinn Snacks, founded in 2010 by Kristy Lewis, has been shaking up the food industry by reinventing classic snacks, using crazy delicious and intentionally sourced real ingredients, including gluten-free whole grains, and zero “natural flavors”. Quinn is known for its industry firsts: the world’s first microwave popcorn in a patented Pure Pop Bag® made of compostable paper with no chemical or plastic coatings while using simple ingredients and organic popcorn kernels. They launched the first line of whole-grain and gluten-free pretzels and the first and only gluten-free filled pretzel nuggets, with powerhouse flavors such as Maple Almond, Creamy Peanut Butter, and Vegan Cheezy. Found nationally in nearly 20,000 stores, Quinn is one of the fastest growing Natural & Specialty Pretzel brands. 

Learn more about Quinn’s mission and Kristy's quest to change and challenge the food and agriculture industries in their short documentary

About Soil Carbon Initiative/Green America: 

Designed with input from over 150 food system stakeholders – from farmers to global food companies to soil and climate scientists – the Soil Carbon Initiative (SCI) is a commitment and third-party verification program for soil and climate health. SCI was created with broad supply chain support in order to be scientifically rigorous yet practical and accessible for all farms and businesses. In March 2022, SCI launched its Go-To-Market Pilots, which are currently underway with a cohort of farmers and companies. SCI is an initiative of Green America, a DC-based nonprofit founded in 1982 with the mission to harness marketplace solutions to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.